Centre for Risk & Decision Sciences (CERIDES) - 20 July 2018

FEC International was invited by Dr George Boustras, Director of Centre for Risk and Decision Sciences (CERIDES), of European University Cyprus, to participate and present at the workshop “Fires as a challenge, new technologies for fire prevention and extinguishing”, on Wednesday 20 of July 2018.

The workshop was co-organised with the Cyprus Fire Service, Cyprus Civil Defence and Cyprus Forestry Department.

The stakeholders participating in the workshop comprised members of the private sector, technology providers for early fire detection and warning, government departments responsible for fire prevention, firefighting and emergency response.

After the introductory speeches from the Cyprus Fire Chief, Civil Defence Director and Forestry Dept. Director representative, challenges faced in fire prevention, firefighting and emergency response were discussed.

New technologies available for prediction of emergency incidents (size and type of incidents) and how the consequences from such incidents can be minimised thru early warning and fast response from the emergency services were presented.

FEC presentation focused on case studies to highlight the use of technology when taking risk informed decision during fire risk assessments and for defining the life and fire safety requirements for a facility.

Case studies for oil & gas (Oil Terminal) and built environment (High-Rise buildings) were presented with the discussion focusing on the life safety challenges posed by the high-rise buildings currently trending in Cyprus.