Employee Share Scheme

In keeping with our recognition that our greatest asset is our human resources; we are very pleased to announce the introduction of the employee redeemable share scheme.

The purpose of this scheme is to retain the best employees in the Company and to motivate them in achieving high performance by the goal congruence between the corporate objectives and the personal objectives of the employees.

In recognition of their efforts and contribution to the company's growth, Mark Finn & Costas Karkas, two senior and long serving members of the company have now become shareholders.

The company plans for other long serving members to be part of the scheme in the near future with a total employee share scheme accounting for 25 % of the company’s shares.

On behalf of the FEC International, I welcome Mark and Costas on board as a shareholder, and look forward to their continued contribution to the company’s growth.

Souren Dakessian
Managing Director